Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

Jan 17, 2023
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Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

Veneers are well-known for restoring a beautiful smile, but they can do more than brighten your appearance. Though veneers are so thin they comfortably fit on top of your teeth, they’re also strong because they’re made of porcelain. Their strength makes them a great option for some dental repairs.

Veneers are the perfect way to combine dental health with cosmetic solutions, an approach valued by the team at Dentistry With a Smile, Inc. in Livingston, New Jersey. If you’re a good candidate for veneers, you can bypass more extensive procedures, like crowns. Let’s look at the four top non-cosmetic uses for veneers.

Strengthen eroded teeth

Some foods and beverages — most notably carbonated beverages, fruit juices, and sour candies — are highly acidic. These acids temporarily soften the enamel, causing it to lose some of the minerals that make it strong. 

Your saliva counteracts the acid and restores a normal, healthy environment inside your mouth. But if you consume acidic foods and beverages too often, the soft enamel gradually erodes. 

Once the enamel wears away, it doesn’t regrow, but veneers can repair the problem. Porcelain veneers protect the tooth from exposure to more acidic products, restore the tooth’s natural strength, and prevent ongoing erosion.

Restore chipped and cracked teeth

The enamel on the outside of your teeth gives them incredible strength, but it has another role: It serves as a barrier that prevents bacteria, sugar, and other substances from reaching the inside of your teeth. As a result, enamel protects the sensitive nerves and blood vessels in the center that keep teeth alive.

It only takes a small chip or crack to let bacteria get under the enamel, quickly leading to decay or an infection. You can prevent these potential problems with a dental veneer. A porcelain veneer restores the structure and strength of a cracked tooth and effectively covers the crack so bacteria can’t get through.

Repair gaps between teeth

Having a gap between your teeth may seem more like a cosmetic concern, but gaps can also lead to orthodontic problems. A gap leaves room for the adjacent teeth to move out of their natural positions.

If that happens, your teeth won’t meet together properly when you close your mouth or chew, a problem called misalignment or more technically, malocclusion. Misaligned teeth lead to other dental problems like tooth decay.

We can design veneers in a way that closes the gap, improving your appearance and protecting you from misalignment problems.

Cover uneven or crooked teeth

You may be able to use veneers for uneven or crooked teeth, but it depends on the severity of the misalignment. If your teeth are mildly uneven, a veneer can repair the problem and restore normal chewing and function, all while also improving your smile.

However, crooked teeth often need braces to bring them back into proper alignment. Restoring your natural bite is essential because teeth that don’t line up properly are vulnerable to decay. Misalignment also increases your risk of cracked teeth and may interfere with chewing.

To learn if veneers can solve your dental problems, call Dentistry With a Smile, Inc., or request an appointment online today.